Refinec is experienced manufacturer for chemical and petrochemical industries. We consider the demands of processes and optimize solutions based on those. We do not always search for the most economical option, our first goal is to offer high quality, safe and durable products to our clients.

In these industries special process conditions requires and demands that manufacturing materials are picked up invidually, based on the special needs of each device.

Few examples for materials we use with high skills:

–    different carbon steels
–    different stainless steels
–    duplex-steel
–    super austenitic stainless steels (6Mo)
–    aluminium
–    nickel alloys (for example  Alloy 825, Alloy 625, Monel 400)
–    titanium

Besides the correct material also welding method is important to ensure the highest quality.

In production we invest all the time to the latest manufacturing methods to guarantee the highest possible manufacturing quality. As an example of this we can mention our new orbital welding station and Finland’s first hybrid welding station.

Refinec delivers all kinds of products, for example:

– reactors
– coolers
– tube heat exchangers
– pre-heaters
– feed water and other tanks
– reactors
– colums
– dryers
– demisters
– steam batteries

Refinec uses approved welding methods for various materials and process demands. In planning we use vibration analysis for mathematic modeling and FEM method (Finite Elemet Method) for strenght calculation.

Our delivery projects are carefully documented and we keep especially our focus in keeping dead lines and clients informed.

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