Manufacturing of tubular heat exchanges is our special knowledge area. Our expertise quarantee functional heat exchanger solutions to also demanding and special applications.

We desing, calculate, measure the heat exhangers based on client’s needs. We perform all testings and inspecitons for the client. We manufacture the devices from suitable materials for the application. The high quality is quaranteed thanks to our modern and effctive production. We have for example semi-automatic TIG-orbital welding station, which makes it possible to manufacture pipe-series in cost effective, high accuracy and fast. Our staff is skilled and motivated and committed to our high quality demands.

In our project deliveries we highlight accuracy, careful documenting and keeping the client informed.

Refinec offers installation, maintenace, repair and modifying services to heat exchangers throught the life span. We also offer wider rebuild -solutions, where we renew heat exchangers and whole heat exchanger systems in wide scale.

In design and manufacturing we follow the demands of TEMA (Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association) standard.


Heat exchangers for gas and liquid: district heating heat exchangers, heaters, coolers, condersers, boilers, steamers, steam heaters

– U piped
– Fixed shell
– Floating end
– Special applications

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