The development project of Refinec Oy has transformed heat exchangers to IOT-world.

With our new solution we can offer data, analysis and information of heat exchangers performance and dirtyness to our clients.

Now the process critical device can be monitored with smart phone or computer with our simple user interface.

Besides this Refincec also offers analysis services, reports and automatic alarms, based on predetermined variables. 

  • 24/7 automatic control
  • Real time and automatic alarms to specified targets.
  • Reports and analysis can be made based on clients needs.
  • Decision can be made based on measured information.
  • Reduces maintenance and control needs, allows preventive action to minimize production losses.
  • Correct and efficient process delivers straight savings.
  • In monitoring system we can choose several different sensors to measure different process variables, based on client’s needs.
  • Period of monitoring and parameters in reports, alarms and measurements can be configured also remote.
  • Deviation times in measured process values can be located.
  • More process control and preventive maintenance is easier.
  • Problems which are noted in good time and automatically can not escalate, or case bigger problems.

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