Standard sizes available immedietly from our warehouse.

Refinec OCL -series tubular heat exchangers are excellent choice for oil cooling thanks to their reliable structure.

For cooling needs in various uses we have large selection of different sizes, for several different variations of oil and coolant flows.

Refinec also offers spare parts throughout the life span of the heat exchanger.

Material in both sides is acidproof EN1.4404 steel.

With Refinec OCL-Series Cooler Selection Tool -calculation software we spesify the most optimal cooler system for each process condition and demand your needs requires. We can also spesify the most optimal product also when wanted overscale varies.

The performance of our heat exchangers has been validiated with tests – we have developed a test laboratory into our workshop where we have tested the OCL-series smaller coolers performance in real conditions – including cooling performances and pressure losses.

Acidproof steel  – Strong, anti corrosive and easy to take care of

Reliable, tough and well performing structure – Simple and strong structure makes solid cooling, no dirt sensitive cells or blowers, no moving parts. Excellent product especially to dusty conditions.

Minimized service needs – Openable lids help to easily clean the pipe packs. With solijd pipe pack the whole is clear and the number of sealants is minimized.

Simple installations and energy effective solution – Working principle based on only to heat exchanging from liquid to liquid removes all needs for electrical installation and consuming.

Spare parts services – From our warehouse with fast delivery.

Modularity – Available in various performance and size options, with several different oil and coolant flows.

Refinec OCL-series is 100% made in Finland

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