LUT University’s IWE course on a visit

The students of the IWE course from LUT University visited Refinec this week. CEO Hannu Perälä welcomed the group, after which design manager Riku Turkia presented Refinec’s operations, products and references. After coffee and an introduction, the group visited Refinec’s production facilities. The group members actively asked questions and were interested in Refinec’s wide range of materials, welding instructions and method tests, deliveries to demanding locations and innovation projects in which Refinec is involved.

LUT University’s IWE-IWT course is an international prestigious qualification training for welding engineers and technicians. The quality of the top product is ensured through qualification and deepening in the specialized field. The success of industrial production depends on people. Companies need internationally recognized experts to succeed in international competition. That is why it is important that high-level training in the welding field is available in Finland. Refinec also has experts who have completed the IWE course.

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