Strongly involved in creating a sustainable future

We are strongly involved in the green transition and future innovation projects. We cooperate with universities and research institutes. We have been involved in e.g. in green hydrogen and small modular nuclear power plants (SMR) development projects.

Our facilities have our own test laboratory, which allows us to test and develop the performance of heat exchangers and optimize their operation.

Small nuclear power plants

Small modular nuclear power plants (Small Modular Reactor, SMR) are series-produced, ordinary nuclear power plants, small-sized plants with an output of tens of megawatts to a few hundred megawatts. A small reactor can work alone or several can be assembled together. They can produce electricity or heat or both.

Refinec has built an electrically heated SMR experimental equipment in the nuclear power engineering laboratory of LUT University, which is intended to study the operation of a small nuclear reactor. The scope of delivery included the calculation of the strength of the reactor itself, the manufacturing engineering design and the manufacture of the device itself. In addition to the reactor, Refinec supplied tanks and piping parts related to the whole.

We are part of the Finnish EcoSMR hub, where top experts in the nuclear energy industry have been brought together to solve current challenges related to SMR. EcoSMR-Hub is a continuation of the co-innovation project funded by Business Finland, where Refinec had its own development project. Refinec’s development project included improving production efficiency and quality by utilizing the latest production technologies. In addition to Refinec, EcoSMR includes e.g. TVO, Fortum and LUT University. VTT is responsible for coordinating the group. Refinec is also a member of the Finnish nuclear industry association Finnuclear.

Carbon neutral fuels

Replacing fossil fuels and oil-based products with renewable energy is one of humanity’s biggest challenges.

New carbon-free solutions are needed for all sectors of society, such as industry, agriculture and transport.

One key technology that can help solve big carbon dioxide problems in industry and transport, for example, is the so-called power-to-x technology, or P2X for short. Its basic idea is to convert electricity into another form of energy and, if necessary, back into electricity.

We have been involved in the P2X research project. The goal of the study was to make a feasibility study of an industrial-scale P2X pilot plant. The plant would produce carbon-neutral fuels from the emissions and surplus hydrogen of production plants in the nearby area.

The future begins now. And we want to make it sustainable.

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