Standard products

We manufacture standard oil coolers, intelligent IOT heat exchangers and standard compressed air tanks as standard model products.

Oil coolers

OCL Series. Reliable cooling power

24/7 – all year round

Continuous cooling of oil and water in the power range 2-300 kW


  • Hydraulic oils
  • Gearbox and circulation lubrication oils
  • Heat transfer oils
  • Water and water/glycol mixtures

Standard sizes for immediate delivery from our warehouse.

Due to their reliable design, the Refinec OCL series tube heat exchangers are excellently suited for cooling oil.

There is a wide selection of heat exchangers of different sizes with different variations of oil and coolant flows to meet the cooling power needs of varying applications.

We also offer spare parts services throughout the life cycle of our heat exchangers.

With the Refinec OCL-Series Cooler Selection Tool calculation program, the most optimal type of cooler for each cooling need is precisely determined according to the customer’s process conditions and the required cooling power set by them.

The performance of our heat exchangers has been validated experimentally – We have developed a test laboratory in our metal workshop, where the performance of the OCL series small-sized heat exchangers has been verified in a environment with real operating conditions – covering cooling powers and pressure losses.

The material is acid-resistant steel EN 1.4404 – Corrosion-resistant and easy-care material

Reliable, durable and high-performance construction – A simple and solid structure and a reliable cooling solution with no condensing cells or fans sensitive to environmental dirt, and no moving parts. Particularly suitable for dirty conditions.

Minimized need for maintenance
Opening lids make cleaning the tube pack easy. The merits of the fixed pipe pack are that the whole is clear and the number of joints to be sealed is minimized.

Spare parts services – We stock spare parts with fast delivery.

Modularity – A comprehensive selection is available with a wide cooling power scale for several different oil and cooling water/substance flows.

Refinec OCL series products are completely manufactured in Finland

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IOT solutions – Smart heat exchangers

We have developed intelligent heat exchangers.

The Refinec-IOT heat exchanger monitors its own condition and reports on it wirelessly – or, if required by the installation site, with a Bluetooth connection.

Refinec-IOT can report to the control room, to a mobile phone – or to a monitor placed near the object.

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Standard compressed air tanks

Compressed air tanks with standard construction from our product series are available with fast delivery times as follows:

  • The material is carbon steel or acid-resistant steel
  • Volume: 5, 8, 10, 15, 20 or 25 m3
  • Design values: 16 bar(g) / 50 °C

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