Quality, environment and safety

For us, quality is a way of working to get things done at once

Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 standards. The quality of operations is guaranteed by committed and competent personnel and carefully defined operating methods and processes.

A welding coordinator with IWE training is responsible for the quality of the welding. Welders and welding operators have PED qualification certificates in accordance with ISO 9606 and ISO 14732, which are maintained and supplemented with additional training if necessary.


We want to participate in national environmental goals and are committed to doing our part to protect the environment with our ISO 14001 certified environmental system.


Our goal is a strong and natural safety culture and zero accidents. Operational safety is guaranteed by well-trained personnel, safe and regularly maintained equipment, and an open safety atmosphere.

The safety of our products is guaranteed by e.g. our own experienced design staff, welding instructions approved by method tests, qualified welders and operators, and investment in quality assurance during production.

Quality and environmental policy

Refinec’s management is committed and responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the quality and environmental management system to ensure customer satisfaction, employee participation and continuous development, taking into account the environmental effects of operations while supporting the company’s strategy and business plan.

In accordance with our policy, we consider it important that we act independently, confidentially and in accordance with honest principles, respecting our various stakeholders, and that we bear our social responsibility in compliance with national legislation and set directives as well as other requirements related to our operations.

We commit to quality goals and present continuous improvement and goal setting in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards:

  • The entire staff has received training and has internalized Refinec’s quality policy and quality assurance procedures.
  • We deliver high-quality products and services that meet our customers’ expectations on time.
  • We understand our customers’ expectations and constantly develop our operations to improve customer satisfaction.
  • The management is committed to monitoring and measuring the operation of the quality system and its continuous improvement.
  • Employees are motivated and professional, which creates value for our customers and our business.
  • We are constantly developing our operations in environmental, health and safety matters.



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