We have developed and designed our own test laboratory in our facilities, where can develop, test and optimize the performance of our smaller heat exchangers. We do not leave the performance of our products just based on tables, calculations and estimates!

We have the possibly largest and only BIG automatic SAW/MIG-MAG-Submerged arc welding hybrid -station, which makes the bigger and more challenging projects easier.

We participate in promising future innovation projects, see below for more information about these.


Refinec has been chosen to participate in project EcoSMR, where together with LUT university, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Fortum Oyj and other cooperatives.

We have also built test reactor to LUT university’s nuclear research laboratory, where they use the reactor for testing – though not yet with nuclear power.

Refinec – at the front of future development.

SMR-power stations capacity is from few tens up to few hundreds megawatts. Small reactor can operate as a single reactor, or one can add few of them to work together. They can produce heat, electricity or both.

In LUT university they are searching for new solution heating based carbon emissions via developing small modular reactor, which would produce heat. At the smallest capacity would be 20-30 megawatts, with few of these units one could produce all heating needed for small cities.

See more about Eco-SMR project here.


Fossil fuels and replacing oil based products to renevable products is one of the biggest challenges of man kind.

New carbon free solutions are needed throughout the society – industry, agriculture and traffic.

One key technology, which may help to solve big CO2 problems with industry and traffic, is so called power-to-x-technology, in shot terms P2X. The basic idea is to transfer electricity to other energy source – and back if needed.

Refinec is involved in P2X -research study, with for example ST1, Wärtsilä and LUT.

The goal is to build 20 MW electrolyzer, which produces green hydrogen by electricity which is produced with wind-, solar- water- or biomass energy.

The future begins now.

See more about Co2 neutral fuels here.


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