Refinec and LUT University in collaboration: Carbon dioxide research leads to a green transition

Refinec supplied the LUT University’s flow technology laboratory with a set of equipment that studies the properties of carbon dioxide in a supercritical state. The package delivered by Refinec included pressure equipment design, pipe heat exchanger, pressure tank, pipelines and assembly.

The new equipment will be used to study the properties and heat transfer of carbon dioxide in a supercritical state, i.e. as a liquid gas. Refinec manufactured the pressure tank, machine and heater with electric resistance for the equipment. In addition, Refinec was responsible for the equipment assembly, NDT inspections, NoBo inspections and test effort.

– It’s always great to be involved in the development of something new and unique. This equipment operates under high pressure at high temperature, and structures must be designed and manufactured accordingly. Due to the high pressure and temperature, the wall strengths of the components are large and require the handling of top professionals in manufacturing. The most important thing for us is to always deliver a safe device to our customers, says Refinec’s quality manager Riku Turkia.

Carbon dioxide is an ecological alternative

Researching carbon dioxide is important, because carbon dioxide is an interesting, neutral and ecological alternative as a successor to current refrigerants. Other future applications may include, for example, heat pumps and power generation.

– Carbon dioxide is an interesting option for the future. Here at LUT University’s flow technology laboratory, we conduct basic research related to the behavior of carbon dioxide in the supercritical state and near the critical point. We need equipment for experimental research, which are expensive investments. It is great that we have in South Carelia technology partners like Refinec who are willing to invest in research and cooperate with research institutes. From a practical point of view, it is excellent that Refinec is located in the same city, because the projects require a lot of discussion and coordination of schedules. This set of equipment is unique in the world, says energy engineering professor Teemu Turunen-Saaresti from LUT University.

– We want to be involved in the green transition, enabling research work and promising future innovations. That’s why we cooperate with research institutes and universities, such as LUT University, states CEO of Refinec Hannu Perälä.


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